Trivver Token Sale (TRVR)

Trivver is the premiere advertising exchange for Extended Reality (XR) environments – 3D, virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality. The Trivver platform makes creating and deploying 3D interactive branded objects easier, allowing brands to programmatically execute targeted, impactful and scalable XR campaigns.

Trivver’s revolutionary, patented Branded Smart Objects (BSOs) are 3D objects that exist as ads within the natural setting of 3D environments. BSOs are designed to autoscale and render in any XR platform – enabling advertisers to seamlessly and organically engage multiple audiences without additional development time or financial investment.

Trivver Token (TRVR) is the currency for the Smart Object Economy. Trivver’s core Smart Object Technology enables 3D objects to both disseminate information to users about the objects and collect information about the users who engage with the objects. The Trivver Token will encourage and incentivize the development of a growing Smart Objects Catalogue. Simple Generic Smart Objects (GSOs) will include a development bounty paid from Trivver to the developer in the form of TRVR, providing an incentive for developers to contribute to the Smart Object Catalogue. Complex GSOs will require payment from the developer to Trivver in TRVR in order to list that GSO in inventory and establish authorship of the GSO. Authors of GSOs will receive royalties paid in USD from Trivver whenever revenues are generated by that Smart Object - from a publisher using the GSO to build XR content or by an advertiser using the GSO to create a Branded Smart Object (BSO) for use in an XR ad campaign. Advertisers and publishers will benefit from a robust inventory of Smart Objects. Developers will earn TRVR by creating simple GSOs for the catalogue and earn USD in developer royalties from authoring complex GSOs. The Smart Object economy will utilize TRVR as its currency and Trivver will use TRVR to incentivize specific user behaviors on the platform.

United States
Gaming & VR
15 June 2018 - 28 September 2018
Token Name
Trivver Token
Token Symbol
Total Supply
60,000,000 TRVR
Soft Cap
$2M = 3,333 Eth
Hard Cap
$20M = 33,333 Eth

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Team members

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Joel LaMontagne Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer
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Alan Haft

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Kevin Conroy

Chief Data Officer
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Simon Keating

Chief Technology Officer
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Cheryl Aday

Product Manager
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Annaliese Train

Director, Virtual Real Estate Sales
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Joe Percival

Vice President, Virtual Properties
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Worth Probst

Business Development
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Andy Williams

Director, Smart Object Promotions Director
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Deborah Weinswig

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Dr. Walter L. Schindler


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