It gives us great pleasure to announce the public launch of EQI! 

A Global Problem
The cryptocurrency sector and banking industry and are inherently codependent, but there is a substantial disconnect between how they interact, and this harms individuals and businesses. There are currently no licensed and regulated banksthat provide a single ecosystem encompassing fiat and cryptocurrency banking, trading, custody, lending, clearing and settlement. Clients need separate relationships with banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, lenders, custodians, wallet and vault providers. It’s complicated, expensive and insecure.  

EQI Market
EQI will meet the needs of eight fragmented global markets:

Global Banking US$134.1 trillion
Cryptocurrency Market US$367 billion
Hedge Funds US$3.53 trillion
P2P Lending US$64 billion
Custody Services US$100 trillion
Settlements and Clearing US$1.6 trillion
Wallets and Cold Storage 21 million wallets
Compliance US$270 billion

EQI. Bank on Blockchain
EQI was formed in 2015 and intends to be the world’s first licensed and fully regulated offshore bank providing:

•  Private and Corporate Banking
•  Cryptocurrency Exchange
•  Cryptocurrency Custody
•  Fiat and Cryptocurrency Lending
•  Insured Wallet and Cold Storage
•  Blockchain Settlement and Clearing
•  Blockchain Compliance

EQI will license its technology to other financial institutions and enable them to use EQI for settlements and payments. We are motivated by a single purpose, which is to change, disrupt and innovate. Tell us what you need and let’s create the World’s Best Blockchain Bank.

Cayman Islands
08 July 2018 - 31 July 2018
03 September 2018 - 28 September 2018
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