Fantasy (FXXX) Coin Crowdsale

STORY: Fueled by FantasyCoin (FXXX), "Fantasy" is an immersive red-light district virtual world located on a Mars replica. Modeled on real-life Amsterdam, the city is divided into 19 themed sectors, including two premium zones located on two of Mars' orbiting moons. Visitors enter a world where a different fantasy lies behind every window. Marketed as “the virtual escape for your alter ego”, the world encourages you to pick the fantasies you want and to embody yourself inside a erotic scenario that might change your perspective. “Be a guy, be a girl, find your inhibition and FXXX with your alter ego”.

TECHNOLOGY: Fantasy invites you to participate in the FXXX economy through its virtual real estate sale, where you buy and rent property in the already fully-functional immersive city of Fantasy. The city comes complete with a "gaze" (eye tracking) based monetization system where visitors are rewarded in FXXX coin for engaging with advertising through eye tracking and then pay to immerse themselves inside VR content. As a landowner, you are provided with an ERC 721 RENT TOKEN which you can flip to adult stars, related brands and retail to occupy your premises - giving you a share of their content revenues. What's more, FantasyCoin (FXXX) has partnered with a leading adult VR platform that will distribute Fantasy content globally through it’s pre-existing platform to all phones and VR headsets and mobile devices at 4K quality. This is a game changer for performers and creators, who can now stream their content 24/7 virtually to every VR platform (including WebVR for desktop and most mobile devices). For brands, Fantasy includes gaze-triggered street-facing windows and gaze-driven billboards where advertisers only pay for actual engagement as well as a comprehensive backend analytics dashboard to measure said engagement and advertising ROI. The city is the world’s first fully functional virtual red-light district offering full immersion sitting on the blockchain.

Gaming & VR
20 October 2018 - 08 December 2018
10 December 2018 - 21 December 2018
Token Name
Token Symbol
Total Supply
Max 5,000,000,000
Soft Cap
No soft cap
Hard Cap
$10,000,000 USD

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