Scopuly is an innovative system for launching, listing, exchanging and storing assets created on the Stellar blockchain. Since Stellar is many times faster than Ethereum and Bitcoin and charges virtually no transaction fees, this blockchain has the potential to become the foundation of a new international financial system. However, the Stellar ecosystem currently lacks two key elements: an e cient crypto-fiat exchange tool and a space for launching IEOs (Initial Exchange O erings). Scopuly will provide these missing elements.

A mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will become possible only once there are quick and easy tools for exchanging fiat money into crypto and back. There are already hundreds of options available for Bitcoin and Ethereum (exchanges, gateways, and exchangers), though most of them are costly and complex. By contrast, there are very few such services for Stellar. Scopuly will be the first to implement a complete crypto-fiat gateway solution integrated with the wallet, trading interface, and IEO platform.

Yet another serious challenge faced by the crypto industry is the ine ciency of the fundraising process. The IEO model, which initially seemed like an optimal alternative to risky ICOs, turned out to be una ordable for most projects. Centralized exchanges charge hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of dollars to hold an IEO whose success is never guaranteed. As a result, many promising startups fail to attract investment.

IEOs on decentralized exchanges o er an attractive solution, but there is not infrastructure to hold an IEO on Stellar. Scopuly's solution will be the first in the market.

Scopuly combines a decentralized trading client and an IEO launchpad. The project will charge almost no fees for adding projects to the platform and listing them in the trading interface. Thus, quality projects built on Stellar that successfully pass the selection will be able to sell their tokens regardless of their budget.

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10 January 2020 - 25 November 2019
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1,260,000 USD

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