IOI Game

Are you a trader eager to profit from your skills? Become a RACER and challenge every day for WINS & FANS and what's the best - make a profit every day. As a Racer, you get 50-80% of a monthly membership from your fans, which can secure your amazing passive income.

Are you kind of new in crypto space and not sure what coin is the best? Become a FAN. Get verified results, not just promises, and profit with your favorite racers every day! As a Fan, you get instant signals to your application about top-performing coins today and to you and as a bonus you share 10% from wining pools with your racer.

The easier way to play, track and multiply your cryptocurrency investments stay up with your traders and make a profit every day. IOI connects millions of people in one place for one purpose. Make a profit, have fun and get verified results.

With IOI, in the new era of social trading.

Trading & Investing
01 December 2019 - 31 December 2019
Token Name
IOI Token
Token Symbol
Total Supply
Tokens for Sale
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
3500000 USD

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Rastislav Bakala

CEO, Founder

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