Concierge.io TGE Travel & Tourisim

Utilising blockchain technology, Concierge.io will be a global online travel booking marketplace. Concierge.io is building its online booking platform upon the NEO decentralized engine and blockchain. (The Concierge.io Travel Booking Marketplace). The CGE booking ledger will be the core of the ecosystem. Travelers and merchants are offered peer to peer communication, enabling direct dealing with 0% commission. Concierge.io aims at being the go-to travel marketplace worldwide.

0 to 3 Hours: 1 CGE = USD$0.2625 (25% OFF)
3 to 6 Hours: 1 CGE = USD$0.2975 (15% OFF)
6 to 12 Hours: 1 CGE = USD$0.3325 (5% OFF)
12 Hours plus: 1 CGE = USD$0.35 (No Discount)

Concierge.io disrupts a USD500 billion marketplace

ICO ended on 30 Apr
Total Supply:

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Token Sale: 31 Mar – 30 Apr

ICO Details

Token name: Concierge
Token symbol: CGE
ICO token price: 1 CGE = 0.35 USD
Total supply: 100,000,000

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