3 Exciting Ways to Earn with Parkade Coin

During the launch of the Parkade Coins ICO on August 15th, 2018, we have circled back to the main reason we established this idea — to benefit as many people as possible. Commuters, the public, major cities, downtown businesses, and many others will benefit from the creation of Parkade.io.

To build on the idea and opportunity, potential token holders have been excited to learn there are several ways to earn money throughParkade Coins and the Parkade.io app.

How Investors will Earn with Parkade Coins

There are three distinct ways to potentially earn money with Parkade.io and Parkade Coins. The first two opportunities are gained through investments in Parkade Coins. Each purchase of a Parkade Coin offers a token that is backed by the possibility to participate in profits generated by parking real estate assets around the world. The capital raised will be used to fund the development of parking infrastructure.

Investors will earn through dividends and continued reinvestments in the following ways:

1. Each year, 50% of net profits are shared with investors, the other 50% are reinvested into the business to help support continued growth.

2. In addition, because Parkade Coins are backed by the possibility to participate in profits generated by purchased parking real estate, parkade coins are expected to increase in value correlated to the real estate appreciation over time.

As a bonus, investors will have VIP access to parking spots within the Parkade.io app.

Investors will have their first opportunity to get Parkade Coinsduring the private sale, which starts on August 15th, 2018. In total, 240 million tokens will be released (60% of the total tokens), with each coin set at a cost of $0.50 USD.

Limited time token bonuses will be available during the pre-sale and first weeks of the ICO. Sign up for notifications to learn more.

The Parkade.io App — A Unique Way to Earn

A third opportunity to earn with Parkade.io does not require investment in Parkade Coins, but will be a by-product of the ICO. Anyone will be able to earn money directly through the Parkade.io app. The design of our digital application will allow residents and businesses with available parking spaces to rent those spaces to commuters looking for parking.

If you have a parking space in a busy downtown area that sits empty during the day, you have the potential to earn money by renting out that space on an hourly or daily basis. The application will be designed to make rentals easy and virtually hands-free. Simply post your space for rent and collect your funds through the app.

Start Earning Now with Parkade.io

Discover the opportunity to be part of a portfolio of parking real estate assets via the blockchain. Learn more about Parkade.io and Parkade Coins by visiting the website. You can also sign up now to receive special offers, token sale notices, and alerts.

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