TeleCoin Press Release

TeleCoin release a brief insight into the functions and features of the Trend-Setter Platform, as they prepare for the launch of their ICO. The project will look to add the platform as a side project to the decentralised privacy network. The platform will aid adoption of the currency and network across many sectors. Developer Raphael Main stated "The Trend-Setter Platform will be designed to be an organic affiliate network reward system that doesn’t rely on a centralised entity to reach your demographic, with your message your call to action. The Trend-Setter Platform instead incentivises your demographic to spread your message and increase their participation in your cause. The platform will allow for the creation of innovative marketing campaigns that will ultimately have a bigger impact on your business or ideals, as the incentives are decentralised and rewarded to your most loyal subscribers instead of going to one centralised entity."

Raphael further went on to state "Our model infuses a variety of technologies from affiliate networking, a modern web application, blockchain technology and social networks. Our platform will target gamers, new subscriptions, online trials, questionnaires, downloads, content review, micro-transactions, internet deals and retweeting and sharing on social networks. The Trend-Setter Platform is targeted for businesses and individuals to utilise when looking to increase the participation or activity of purchases in their products, services or online campaigns. The major sectors we believe our platform will have an effect on are Marketing, Advertising, Gaming, E-Commerce, Betting, Online Data and Social Networks." 

For more information on TeleCoin, the ICO or the Trend-Setter Platform, please go to or join the projects community channels on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Facebook

Feb 06, 2019 | by TeleCoin