CODEO carries out a bounty program for you with varied rewards depending on what program you participate, here are the criteria and rewards for each program.

  1. Whitepaper Translations

Codeo gives you the opportunity to translate our whitepaper into mandarin, Korean, Russian, German, French, Japanese and Spanish. Each whitepaper approved, you will get the reward of 100 CODEO.

  1. Create Announcement & translate Announcement

   You may create the announcement of CODEO TOKEN using your own language as long as it refers to  

   the official announcement belong to CODEO TOKEN. You can publish each announcement based on

   your local language. Each article of announcement approved will get rewards of 50 CODEO


  1. Posting Information about Codeo on Social Media

You can post your CODEO information on your social media account by the condition that one post in one day and by maximum of 20. The information you post should contain a proper and polite language, and have a reference from the announcement or website of  The article or content you post should always be original one. Every content / posting reviewed and approved will automatically get reward of 0.5 CODEO.



If you are a blogger or vlogger, and would like to review about CODEO content. We will offer you an interesting program for your expertise and hobby. If you publish a positive and supportive video content with minimum 2 minutes duration , each video approved will get reward of 100 CODEO


Terms and Conditions

To participate in our program, you may send us a registration form and a proof of participation through our website at Her are the terms and conditions


  1. the program applies  from November 7,  2019 to January 2 , 2020
  2. The CODEO may reject and or cancel the reward if it is found that there is any fraud by participant
  3. The reward distribution starts from 7- 15 of January 2020


For further inquiries, you may send us an email to [email protected] or via our telegram @codeotoken

Nov 07, 2019 | by IEO CODEO TOKEN - The new world digital Asset