CODEO Reviews Competition Program

Are you Youtubers? Now we challenge you to participate in our CODEO REVIEW COMPETITION PROGRAM with the following rewards


The first winner by the reward of 1000 CODEO

The second winner by the reward of 500 CODEO

The third winner by the reward of 250 CODEO


Number one-most-viewed video by the reward of 150 CODEO

Number two- most-viewed video by the reward of 75 CODEO

Number three-most-viewed video by the reward of 25 CODEO


Registration for Competition starts from November 7 to December 30, 2019

- Video review can be used and is directly included to join bounty program

-  The announcement of winners will be published on January 5 2019

-The reward distribution starts from 10 -13 of January


Rating category

  • Has a unique video review concept and uses the proper language (can be translated into Mandarin, Korean, Russian , Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Thai and Hindi)
  • has a well narration referenced to CODEO Token both website and announcement or whitepaper
  • Video Duration- the longer duration video on codeo review, the better chance  you will win this competition


For further information, please contact us at [email protected] or via our telegram @codeotoken


Information and registration form can be accessed and downloaded at



Nov 07, 2019 | by IEO CODEO TOKEN - The new world digital Asset